Appartement 47


by monkey47

If you think outside the box, you create a playground for creativity!

Together with our partners, we wanted to create a place where the urban Black Forest can be experienced right down to its roots.

The result is our appartement47. 3 rooms in our historic residence area became a large apartment. Wonderfully quiet location with a view of the surrounding forest.

By the vision "speakeasy” and "offline" you will find an old tube TV and VHS cassettes, a turntable with vinyl records, an old typewriter and lots of retro chic. Away from the hustle and bustle, away from constant availability and the permanent online madness.

Offline is the new luxury!

As befits monkey47, there is a "copper bar" in the center based on the still in which the noble juniper schnapps is distilled.

The bar is already well filled for the monkey lover and can also be expanded. Bar Tender Courses and the possibility for smaller seminars in the bar area are also in the planning stage.

The love is in every little detail.

Created and planned by monkey47, Stilmanipulation from Cologne and the host Steffen Schillinger, you will find a unique specimen from the Black Forest and live the style of the monkey.


We love details: